Get Your Formula Custom Blended – And Save Money Over Doing It Yourself

Toll blending is an inexpensive option to the challenge of insourcing chemical blending operations yourself. Midwest can help you with custom solutions that help you get your products to market quicker while saving money.

Midwest Has Been a Chemical Manufacturing Leader for Nearly Half a Century

Midwest is a pioneer in the fields of dust control and road stabilization. Over 40 years of engineering our own propriety chemical blends has provided us with a deep expertise in creating consistent, high quality blends.

Now, we’d like to do the same thing for you. Don’t bother with the hassle and cost of paying for processing facilities and expensive storage equipment. All you need is your proprietary formulations – we’ll handle the rest.

How Outsourcing Your Chemical Manufacturing Process Can Save You Time, Money and Hassle

There are plenty of fields where outsourcing is seen as giving up some control. But when it comes to chemical manufacturing, the opposite is actually true. Here are some reasons why toll blending actually gives you more control over your product and logistics cycle:

Maintaining consistency and quality control in complex chemical blends is difficult – the smallest mistake can ruin an entire batch.
Knowledge and expertise
Hiring a toll blending company, like Midwest, puts your blending needs in the hands of experts with years of experience creating high quality chemical blends.
Handling hazardous chemicals safely can be an expensive challenge, and a risk that isn’t worth it to your employees and facility – when you have a safer option.
Capital costs of processing and storage equipment are high. And regular inspections and maintenance to prevent hazardous leaks add to the cost. Using a company with these already in place saves money.
Complying with the many regulations surrounding handling hazardous materials is costly, and unintentionally breaking the law is easy to do. At Midwest, we’ve already handled the legal burden.
If you make a mistake, the cost is on you. But if you hire a toll blending company and a mistake is made, often it is covered, protecting you against the loss.

Get a Complete Go-to-Market Strategy – Just Provide Your Proprietary Formulation

Midwest offers a range of services to save you money, time and hassle. Choose what you want or pick them all for a complete go-to-market strategy that will help you serve your clients as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

  • Source and/or pick up raw materials
  • Formulation assistance (when needed)
  • Processing and blending
  • Complete quality testing (moisture balance, pH, conductivity and more)
  • Packaging (bulk, totes, drums, 5-gallon pails, gallon jugs)
  • Private label
  • Label and SDS writing
  • Finished goods delivery (to you or your customers)
From Cleaners and Personal Care to Adhesives and Water Treatment, Midwest Will Get It Done
Midwest has the capabilities to work with a wide range of product and chemistry categories. See them below:
Oil-Based Products

Synthetic fluid | White oils | Industrial and retail lubricants | Rust inhibitors | Personal care products | Defoamers

HI&I Products

Surfactant packages | Industrial cleaners and degreasers | Detergents | Soaps | Deformers | Disinfectants | Descaling compounds

Water Treatment Products

Flocculants | Coagulants | Dispersants | Anti-scaling compounds | Defoamers | Microbiocides | Corrosion inhibitors

Glycol and Glycerin Products

Coolants and anti-freeze for industrial chillers | RV coolants | Freeze protection | Dust suppression

Polymer Emulsion Blending

Paint industry | Adhesives | Coatings

Tall Oil and Tall Oil Pitch Products

Additive blending

For more information on our production capabilities, download our Toll Blending brochure below.