The strength of asphalt roads, while saving up to 60% of the cost.

The environmentally-positive alternative for semi-permanent unpaved roads, from the leading innovators in soil stabilization.


A natural product for all uses.

Midwest didn’t wait for environmental issues to become popular. We’ve been seeking the most ecologically responsible methods and safest formulations for over two decades, and still lead the industry in providing alternatives that balance superior performance with natural processes. Midwest NaturalPave uses in-place, native materials for the most natural way possible, and a major improvement over the all-too-common importation of materials and aggregate — materials that do not complement the existing ecology and ultimately fail to fit its environment. We call it The Third Way.

Years and years of effort and invention has grown the family of NaturalPave products to satisfy every need and accommodate any application:

Soil Stabilization Products Soil Stabilization Products - Mobile
Surface benefits and advantages from Midwest NaturalPave.
Soil Stabilization for Unpaved Roads
  • Natural colorations
  • Fast turnaround
  • Long-term wear course
  • Minimal intrusion
  • Easy to maintain
Soil Stabilization Products for Unpaved Roads
  • Cold-applied
  • Use of local materials
  • Long installation season
  • Cost savings
  • Skid-resistance



Natural looking, cost-effective paths and trails that are easy to maintain.

Breathe in … and breathe out … slowly and deliberately. Places meant for respite and recreation should be designed for visual comfort and relaxation, not remind you of sitting in traffic. Asphalt and concrete are out; natural aesthetics are in. Bonding with nature creates an innate sense of calm, just as caring for one’s self builds purpose.

NaturalPave Resin looks as natural as its surroundings — because it is, as if designed by Nature herself. Whether a pastoral park, bike trail along a river, or parking area for an out-of-the-way campground, NaturalPave Resin lets you replace (or avoid in the first place) asphalt or concrete with a new, “Third Way,” where naturally beautiful surfaces are the desired outcome and the visual atmosphere reflects an untouched past.

Midwest’s versatile natural paving system delivers more than aesthetics. In addition to curb appeal, it produces heat-reflective, cool surfaces with superior strength, durability and environmental properties that can translate to LEED credits for your project. You get the performance you want at a lower cost per square foot than asphalt or concrete, without causing any harm to the environment.

footpaths | park trails | resort paving | golf cart paths | driveways | parking lots | riding trails | bike trails | camping areas | garden paths | waterside paths | recreation areas | courtyards

NaturalPave Road Stabilization Products Midwest

NaturalPave Road Stabilization Product Midwest


Aesthetically Advanced
Creates a decorative, durable, all-weather pavement
Produces heat-reflective surfaces that remain cool
Meets ADA guidelines for accessibility
Easy Installation
Installs with ease and is simple to maintain
Will not harm vegetation or wildlife
Asphalt's Alternative
Can be used to repair deteriorated asphalt



A polymer emulsion formulated using nanotechnology to make roads as hard as steel or resilient as rubber.

One family of proven soil stabilization solutions; so many benefits for so many uses. Midwest’s NaturalPave Soil-Sement Engineered Formula® creates smooth, hard, dust-free surfaces that eliminate potholes and greatly reduce the need for regular grading and ongoing water maintenance.

Get a paved-like appearance that can accommodate chip seal, applied to a NaturalPave Soil-Sement stabilized subgrade, for a durable, long-term and low maintenance surface. The name NaturalPave is well chosen, as this engineered formula is ecologically safe and does not leach or wash away.

This Midwest program is extremely versatile, with significant benefits for everything from military training bases and utilities to energy production sites and state parks.

Army helipads | unpaved roads | mining access roads | steel mill haul roads | electric tower foundations | bike trails


Soil Sement Engineered Formula Road Stabilization Products Midwest

Soil Sement Engineered Formula Road Stabilization Product Midwest

Stabilizes 7- to 25-cm road layer to resist shifting, breaking up or sink failures
CBR Increase
Increases load-bearing strength of all types of soils and surfaces
Holds Up to Extremes
Stands up to traffic, loading abuses and extreme temperatures
Increases Fuel Efficiency
Increases fuel efficiency and higher productivity
Protects the environment (non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-polluting)
Offers maximum weatherability to wind, rain ultraviolet light and other conditions



A one- or two-stage process to create a stabilized base for unpaved roads, and if desired finish that off with a chip-sealed surface.

If you think main thoroughfares and highways give you a tough ride — what with all the potholes and uneven, compromised surfaces — imagine what secondary, unpaved roads are like. The inconvenient fact is that municipalities, townships and districts can’t afford to pave all road surfaces. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 71% of public access roads in the U.S. are in rural areas. 45% of these roads are unpaved. That’s a lot of roads traveled every day with ordinary transportation and heavy industrial vehicles, without a lot of money to take care of them.

The people living in these areas, who have to ride to work and school and stores on these unpaved roads, aren’t secondary people of course. Yet they have to deal with access on second-rate roads that are little more than dusty, unreliable loose surfaces that experience constant degradation and minimal maintenance.

NaturalPave Eco-Pave® and Eco-Pave Chip® comprise Midwest’s family of products to improve the lives of those who use secondary roads.

Unpaved roads can now become like paved roads. Midwest created the NaturalPave Eco-Pave system to build, stabilize and maintain unpaved secondary roads. You can use one stage or enhance with both, as NaturalPave Eco-Pave provides a stabilized base and NaturalPave Eco-Pave Chip adds an environmentally-safe chip-sealed surface.

First, the NaturalPave Eco-Paves polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion is blended into existing native soils, gravel roads or recycled roadway surface materials to create a superior sub-base. Using existing, in-place materials instead of imported base or aggregate materials saves time, saves money and saves the natural ecological balance of the treated area. This creates a superior sub-base to produce a natural-looking, high-performance surface.

When desired, the result can be further enhanced by adding a warm, inviting surface by using NaturalPave Eco-Pave Chip, a powerful binder covered with aggregate for a visually-pleasing chip-sealed running surface.

Improved Performance
Improves long-term performance of unpaved and surfaced roads
Increases CBR
Increases structural integrity and loading capacity (CBR)
Smooth, Yet Skid-Resistant
Creates or restores a smooth, skid-resistant running surface
Reduces Moisture Penetration
Reduces harmful moisture penetration
Eliminates Potholing
Eliminates potholing
Reduces Maintenance Costs
Reduces maintenance costs



Pavement-like strength, made to last the natural way.

Midwest NaturalPave EK35® was one of the first Synthetic Organic Dust Control® products on the market. Unique in the industry, this product has a binder system that captures fines and keeps them locked into the surface, preventing fugitive dust from escaping.

Created in our own laboratory by Midwest chemists, NaturalPave EK35 was formulated to serve any application, protect against any conditions, and perform better than ordinary methods (from water to ordinary topical applications) in order to provide you with lasting strength and environmental safety.

NaturalPave EK35 has been synthesized with an advanced binding chemistry for semi-permanent, paved-like performance. Get both lasting strength and environmental safety, featuring a system of naturally-occurring pitch/rosin binders to interlock and durably bind surface aggregate and fines together through both a cohesive mechanism (the internal strength of an adhesive) and an adhesive mechanism (the bonding of an adhesive to a substrate). As fines are generated, they are captured and prevented from escaping as dust.

Furthermore, the resulting pavement-like strength is actually enhanced by traffic (not degraded by it like ordinary methods). The surface resists deformation and provides the required strength for traffic and heavy vehicles.

The superior choice for industrial, construction and municipal applications.

NaturalPave EK35 penetrates dust and remains actively effective on clay, sand, limestone and most native soils, regardless of the weather or how severe the traffic. NaturalPave EK35 also provides longer-lasting performance and retains its performance with fewer applications compared to other dust-control and surface-stabilization methods.

NaturalPave EK35 helps save maintenance costs and manpower. It remains constantly active after installation, allowing the surface to be reworked and remain effective without requiring additional product to be applied.

Efficacy is independently tested and verified, to prove performance and safety. An accumulated 40 years of Midwest research and development has led to the ultimate in dust control and soil stabilization performance, for an impenetrable, durable surface with superior compressive strength. NaturalPave EK35 has earned independent, third-party certifications and verifications for environmental safety and proven technology performance. These validations show the formulations to be safe for people and the environment; effective in suppressing PM10 and PM2.5 levels; as well as successful in realizing fines preservation for surface stability and dust control.

US EPA Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) | Boeing Document D6-17487 (the most stringent corrosion standard in the US) | Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission — Dirt and Gravel Road Maintenance Program | Clean Water Act and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System | US EPA (meets the criteria for the term synthetic as established by the for sediment toxicity, biodegradability, PAH content, aquatic toxicity and being oil-sheen free)

Increases Strength
Creates pavement-like strength; enhanced by traffic
No Evaporation
Does not evaporate or leach out of the surface
Handles Extreme Temps
Performs well at extreme temperatures
Readily biodegradable in natural environments
Native Soils and Aggregates
Works with all types of soils and aggregates
Can be reworked without reapplication



Long-term stabilization is possible, even while reducing construction time, materials and maintenance the natural way.

Moisture is the enemy. It weakens and breaks apart clay and silt road foundations. Midwest NaturalPave Intresoil is the antidote. It increases bearing and shear strength, stabilizing the problematic material (which means the thickness of the treated layer or overlying pavement layers can be reduced). Best yet, Intresoil is a permanent treatment that will not leach out.

The extra costs associated with potential damage compels a careful process that minimizes or eliminates this risk. In areas where swelling (also known as “expansive soils”) is likely, laws may require soil testing prior to construction. Swelling potential indicates the degree of expansion when the soil is wetted, while swelling pressure indicates the amount of pressure the wet soil exerts on an adjacent solid object.

When expansive soils become wet and expand, damage such as cracking and heaving of the road surface can occur. The risks associated with expansive soils can be significantly reduced through best construction practices like proper ground preparation, to decrease the tendency of soils to swell when wet by changing the clay chemistry and mineralogy to make it less expansive.

“It’s shrinkage!”

A cycle between two problems converge to create a larger problem:

PROBLEM 1: Swelling — Positive water molecules attach to clay, pushing the particles apart.

PROBLEM 2: Shrinking — When the clay dries out, cracks form on the surface.

COMBINATION PROBLEM: As these two issues happen in a cycle, this combines to weaken the road foundation.

Why does this happen? The inherent chemistry of the material. Clay is a natural material composed primarily of fine-grain minerals, in fact the finest of soil particles. Its tiny particles have plastic and adhesive properties, as well as small voids and pores that may retain water. In this condition, it tends to expand and shrink, which can lead to settlement, cracking, rutting, heaving and other forms of costly deterioration.

Clay has a high dry strength, but low strength when too much water is present. Due to its minimal permeability, water has difficulty flowing through the tight pattern created by the individual particles, causing it to soften, liquify and loosen.


Midwest NaturalPave Intresoil changes the clay chemistry and mineralogy, making it less expansive and serving as proactive ground preparation prior to road construction. The name is based on “intra,” which means within or inside (such as intravenous), symbolizing how Intresoil works within the soil structure for fundamental and lasting performance improvement. This is also known as enhancing the engineering quality of the clay foundation, crucial because a better foundation means a stronger surface.

NaturalPave Intresoil reduces both swelling and shrinking by altering the ion exchange capacity of the clay to reduce the negative charge of the clay. Absorbed water is removed; density is maximized; and compaction is increased. Less effort is needed for compaction and to create a long-term stabilized subgrade or expansive soil layer that prevents water re-absorption.

A chemical bond between Intresoil’s active ingredient and the surface of the clay particles repels water so it is not absorbed. Water moves freely, evaporation is promoted, and drainage is improved, to enhance performance and longevity. Additionally, traffic can be allowed on the treated surface immediately following the final compaction, thus densifying the treated layer to increase its bearing capacity.

Midwest’s NaturalPave Intresoil is ideal for stabilization projects where importing aggregate is costly and impractical, lime and cement is too expensive, and when in-situ material is:

poor and unsuitable for construction | highly susceptible to moisture infiltration | significantly affected when saturated | contains a high percent of clay


Intresoil Soil Stabilization Application 01 Midwest

Intresoil Soil Stabilization Application 02 Midwest

It's Science With a Twist of Clay
Provides Long-term Stabilization
Permanently stabilizes the clay layer for longevity and enhanced performance
Maintains Bearing Strength Of Subgrade During Wet Periods
Decreases the moisture absorption and shrink/swell properties of clay
Reduces The Required Volume Of Gravel By Up To 50%
Decreases the thickness of gravel required while still supporting traffic demands
Reduces Maintenance Costs
Maintains the strength of the treated layer even when saturated
Decreases Installation Costs, Resources And Time
Increased compaction with less effort, time and using common equipment
Reduces Failures From Poor Subgrade Material
Lessens need to remediate potholes, ruts and other issues associated with wet conditions



Innovative solution for aggregate replacement and subpar in-situ material.

SF2 technology is an important tool for establishing operating capability and to increase the expedient use of roads and pads.

SF2 uses synthetic fibers and synthetic fluid binder to create bonds within on-site native soils that enhance compressive strength, CBR, shear strength, material or aggregate adhesiveness or the ability of the construction material to not wash out or roll away during heavy traffic loading. SF2 can be applied year-round, in all weather conditions, in marginal soil types. (Unlike options like Portland cement, SF2 doesn’t even have a cure time, meaning traffic can continue immediately after installation.) SF2 is ideal where there is little natural occurring gravel and the cost to transport gravel to the construction site and mobilization is very expensive.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of SF2 is that in addition to reinforcing the entire soil mass is its unique water-resistant and resistance to freeze-thaw damage. This reduces maintenance costs and offers you a lower cost per mile for your road management budget. And unlike aggregate, where the loss of particulate matter (as dust in dry weather, washed away by precipitation in wet weather) leads to reduced aggregate and lower compressive strength over time, the compressive strength of SF2 actually increases over time with heavy traffic.




Stronger, more durable roads and pads
Binds soil or aggregate at the molecular level. This increase can be as much as 400% in 30 days
Creates compressive strength that increases with more traffic usage
Greatly decreases rutting, mud, and soft soil causing equipment being buried axle deep
A versatile, new non-traditional road stabilization option
Increases shear strength, water-resistance and unsusceptible to freeze-thaw conditions by reinforcing entire soil mass
Aggregate loss minimized and prevented
No additional aggregate needed
Can accommodate chip seal, aggregate or asphalt paving
Cheaper to maintain and easier to repair
Doesn’t cure in the traditional sense, so doesn’t break
Traffic can continue during reconstruction
Allows you to keep operations moving without delay and higher cost